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You obviously want to avoid further damage, so you should respond quickly by calling us immediately at (509) 398-9518. Quick reaction from our pros will help to reduce the occurrence of flood damage restoration. If you see any water in your home or business, contact the water damage removal pros of [iss site name] in Prosser.

When you call, our representatives will guide you through several questions that will help Continental Carpet Cleaning & Restoration respond to your Water Damage Emergency more quickly and efficiently. This initial contact is an important part of a fast, effective Water Mitigation and Water Cleanup process to ensure your home or business is secured in a timely manner. This initial contact is an important part of swift, efficient water mitigation and water cleanup procedure to ensure a timely safeguard for your home or business. If you need immediate flood cleanup, we will be on-site within 60 minutes.

Once we arrive, we will inspect the water damage of your property carefully with humidity meters and thermal cameras that allow us to determine the severity of water damage and the number of affected areas. This is a critical step in creating an effective action plan that will result in a good Water Damage Cleanup and Water Damage Repair that needs to be carried out at home or in your company.

Normally, our heavy pumps and truck-mount powered flood vacuums during the water removal and reduction process drain hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from the affected area and our equipment can be difficult to reach the water damaged areas. Continental Carpet Cleaning & Restoration's professionals will begin to minimize additional water damage as soon as possible and help prevent microbial, biological and/or mold growth.

Upon extracting the majority of the standing water, we use special equipment such as Injecti-dry wall cavity units to tackle water damage that is more difficult to access. We use less intrusive scientific drying methods to draw the remaining water and humidity with air movers and dehumidifiers from your property, which allows us to cut grains per pound and moisture, thereby achieving a successful drying timeframe of 3 to 5 days in accordance with IICRC standards. Each situation is different as far as dry time, so this timeframe is just a guideline. We also use HEPA air filtration on all our jobs, which helps to protect and clean the air you breathe.

Water damage also affects the items, such as furniture, clothes and personal belongings. Continental Carpet Cleaning and Restoration professionals may use a variety of specialized cleaning techniques to clean restored objects. We also sanitize with antimicrobial solutions and extract scents with commercial fogging equipment.

The final step is to restore your house or business to its state of pre-water damage. The restoration step can be relatively small, such as replacing a few drywall panels or major reconstruction for whole rooms of a house or office.

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We are proud to help anyone who needs us in the Prosser region at Continental Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Tri-Cities. If you call us at (509) 398-9518 and let us know about your issue, so we can get out to your damaged property as soon as possible, we will provide immediate assistance. If the damage occurs, please get in touch with us immediately so that our flood damage restoration experts can get to work.


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Our technicians from Continental Carpet Cleaning and Restoration will assess the damage when we arrive from water damage cleanup. They will also attempt the find and explain the cause if necessary. There are many reasons for restoration companies to treat  every situation uniquely. Best Restoration Companies are the most important player in preventing further water damage repairs to your home. We can even contact the insurance agent in Prosser, WA to help file the claim.

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Get help now! Call for water damage restoration services. Restoration companies are necessary when you have a flood!


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